At Parasane, our goal is to push the boundaries and develop new and exciting technology on a daily basis, while perfecting the technology on which we all presently rely.

Our vision is to do so with pride, with honesty and integrity, and to treat our clients with the same level of respect we strive to earn every single day.

The benefit of this for our clients is that they are guaranteed to get the absolute best in quality, exceeding the standards of the industry by leaps and bounds. Our personal level of attention to each and every client makes for long hours on our part, but ensures the greatest level of success for our clients.

The benefit for us is that we're able to create some great jobs in a difficult world economy, sustain those jobs, and foster an environment that is as fun as it is productive. We're not just here for the paycheck - we're here because we all genuinely love technology. And that shows in everything we do. In fact, every single member of our staff is involved in volunteering their time and skills to various open source projects and charity organizations across the globe.

Founded in 2000 by Daniel P. Brown, Parasane is an ISO 9001:2000 compliant, tax-paying company incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Headquartered in Olyphant, Pennsylvania, our business model is based on the idea of decentralization originally conceived by Brown in 1997, when he founded TriadOnline Services, the predecessor to what Parasane, LLC is today.

By allowing employees to work from their home offices, Parasane is not only able to create a fun and dynamic work environment, but also introduces two key benefits to every member of our staff: the opportunity for more family involvement, and being a "Green-conscious" employee. And we provide each employee with the tools and information they need to work productively, as part of a team, while affording them the freedom and flexibility to enjoy personal time alone and with friends and family.

Our staff already has the talent --- and lots of it, in fact. We just help to foster that and maximize their potential by treating them like people, not like gerbils on a wheel.

With a proven track record of over 19 years and with literally hundreds of happy clients, we're able demonstrate that decentralization really works. And thanks to the high level of morale our staff enjoys by not having to travel to work and sit in a cubicle all day, we're able to meet more deadlines and introduce some truly exciting and inspiring creative ideas for our clients.

If you'd like to speak with us to see how we can provide you with a level of skill and service that, in the words of one of our clients, "just plain doesn't exist anywhere else," please contact us any time.

For a list of current job openings, please view our employment listings page.

Spheryx™ is our dedicated server, VPS, and professional web hosting brand. From basic shared hosting through fully-managed high-end dedicated servers, Spheryx™ is the trusted provider that over 2,500 websites call home.

PilotPig™ is our developer-focused shared web hosting brand. Inexpensive with a variety of awesome features found nowhere else. It's also one of our most charitable brands: through PilotPig™, we've donated over $6,000 in technology to charities and open source projects in the last year alone!

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